The Digital Transformation reaches the Field

We help companies and large farmers with innovation and technology.

Our Purpose

Everyone knocks at your door offering a new technology.

We help you understand what they are to develop together what you really need.


Big data and algorithms are the new frontier. So one eye on your operation, another on your data.


We innovate with you and for you. But the most important thing is your confidence on us as trusted advisors.


Being disruptive means creating fast. We specialize in taking you from zero to one before any other.

Animação mostrando a integração de dados e sistemas no agronegócio como forma de transformação digital nas operações agrícolas.

We Offer

We offer the fastest, most efficient and flexible customized solutions of real time acquiring and data processing to deliver strategic information for you to manage your business.

How can we help you?


Agro-technological consulting & training


Development of customized projects


Outsourcing of technological processes

Innovative Solutions

Discover some of our successful solutions developed with customers that can also help you innovate.

AgroAPI is an interface for integration and consumption of data made available by SciCrop directly in your proprietary software. Developers can integrate the collection and processing of several data as agricultural, weather, financial, among others, with agility and the desired customization.

+ 60 TB of processed data and images

+ 25 years of historical data

Imagem da solução AgroAPI que funciona como integrador de dados do agronegócio e de soluções digitais para agricultura.

Imagem da sede da SciCrop, uma empresa especializada em inovações para o agronegócio, com soluções de transformação digital, big data, e agricultura digital.

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